What We Offer

Our curriculum iconOur Curriculum

We take inspiration and centre our curriculum around the Forest School and Montessori approach, by creating an environment that facilitates child led learning experiences. We avoid rigid activities and instead encourage the children to use imagination and curiosity when in the flow of play. This helps the children to take control of their own learning and gives them a sense of empowerment. Our practitioners are Forest School trained which allows us to implement Forest School activities within our daily practice rather than having short, set-timed sessions. We feel this gives children the opportunity to connect more deeply with nature.

“Children should learn by doing, and education should involve real life experiences.”

John Dewey

This quote encapsulates what we do and speaks to some of our core beliefs. Through our hands-on approach, the children will engage in real life experiences such as digging, cooking, planting, climbing and building. Through these experiences they will foster key developmental skills such as speech and language, physical ability, confidence and problem solving skills.

Our morning iconOur Morning

A typical day starts with a calming welcome for the children, we settle them in and provide breakfast so that they have the fuel to go on and seize the day!

Once the children are settled, we have a morning circle time, this gives the children an opportunity to connect with us and fellow playmates.

In The Sticks Childcare Image
In The Sticks Childcare Image

Daily activities iconDaily activities

There is a diverse range of activities and resources for the children to dive into throughout the day! Most of which will be child-led as we feel this drives their own learning and provides a more significant experience for them. However we also incorporate adult led activities for the children to access as well, this may be something topical, theme or season based. Our philosophy is based on the Forest School approach so we will spend a lot of time outdoors!

We love to venture out and explore the surrounding areas! We have easy access to Lyminge Forest which we visit regularly, as well as local farms and stables where we pop in to wave to the horses and sheep!

Eating iconEating

Breakfast - At In the Sticks we believe that food is fuel for not only the body but also the mind! This is why we provide a continental breakfast on arrival to the children, consisting of a selection of healthy cereals/oats, along with toast with local free range eggs as well as a smattering of jams and spreads to choose from.

Morning & Afternoon Snacks - Snacks and liquids will be on offer throughout the day, with choices of home grown fruit/vegetables and carbohydrate rich treats such as home made biscuits, rice cakes or crackers!

Main Lunch - We ask that parents provide a packed lunch for their children due to frequently being on outings and not always having access to our kitchen facilities.

Light Tea - We also offer a light tea which will be provided to children staying for the afternoon or partaking in the full day. This will be something such as baked beans on toast, jacket potatoes or a selection of wraps and sandwiches. Fruit and vegetables will also be offered with this.