Our vission iconOur Vision

Our vision is simple. Provide a unique place where we can nurture confidence, imagination and resilience in our little people and allow them to fully engage with nature. To be the perfect environment for children to sharpen their key developmental skills, in preparation for the next chapter of their lives. Allowing our children to develop naturally by interacting with the world in an all encompassing way, laying the foundations for confident and self assured humans later on in life.

Our setting iconOur setting

We are based in a purpose built Scandinavian chalet, within an acre of natural land. Our plot is next door to Lyminge Forest, one of the largest areas of woodland in Kent. This awe striking Forest is home to a vast array of ancient trees and protected wildlife and we are lucky enough to have the access to be able to explore it regularly. Up the road from our plot you have the stunning views across the rolling hills of the Kent Downs and all the way out to the English Channel.

The chalet contains general amenities such as a toilet/changing block, kitchen and a large playroom. The children also have freeflow access to the outdoor area, rich with activities such as the mud kitchen, water tray and digging pits. In addition, we have an on-site allotment, this is something we encourage the children to help tend to as part of their daily routine. We believe this is a great way for them to understand how food is grown and it gives them a huge sense of achievement seeing and eating the finished product!

Meet the team iconMeet the Team

Image of Georgia White - In The Sticks Childcare

Georgia White
Head Practitioner

Image of Myles Coleman - In The Sticks Childcare

Myles Coleman
Assistant Practitioner

Image of Lottie - In The Sticks Childcare

Lead Practitioner

Image of Aggie - In The Sticks Childcare

Assistant Practitioner

Image of Claire - In The Sticks Childcare

Assistant Practitioner

What is Forest School and what are some of the benefits iconWhat is Forest School and what are some of the benefits?

Forest school is a teaching method that develops confidence in children by encouraging exploration of the natural world. Learning takes place in a natural/woodland environment for part of the day which allows children to connect with the outdoors. This may involve exploring the woods, searching for treasures, building dens and using what nature has to offer by making crafts. Originating in Scandinavia, Forest School has grown in popularity in the UK due to the myriad of benefits it offers our children. These benefits are broken down below. These benefits are backed up by a multitude of research and data. These specific points are referenced from research undertaken from and can be found and verified online:

Physical Benefits - Through digging, working with tools, climbing and general exposure to the outdoors, children drastically improve strength, stamina, balance, gross and fine motor skills. This way of learning really helps them to get to grips with their bodies!

Social Benefits - Activities such as sharing tools and participating in play helps to teach the children how to problem solve as well as how to work together as a group, strengthening bonds and social ties.

Language Benefits - The sensory experiences provided by Forest School helps to promote language development.

Knowledge and understanding - Children develop an interest in the great outdoors and respect for the environment. These are important values to instil into our children as encouraging children to develop a connection to nature will help in protecting the environment for generations to come.

Confidence - Forest school helps children to grow in confidence as a result of the freedom, time and space they are given in learning. This self led method gives the children self determination and empowerment.

FUN - Perhaps the biggest benefit of Forest School to children is that it is fun! Being outdoors and allowing children to play and get mucky is a big part of Forest School, the fresh air, the adventure, the excitement! You can't ask for more as a child!

Our values iconOur Values

  • Maintain the highest level of care possible.
  • Provide a personal approach to the children and parents.
  • Give every child the focus and attention they deserve, through our limited group sizes.
  • Hold our practitioners' commitment to continued professional learning and development.
  • To encourage children to learn how to live sustainably and to look after the environment.